About Thrilling Grilling

My name is Mike and I love grilling.

The fire. The smoke. The grill marks.

Whether it’s a thick, juicy steak or deliciously roasted vegetables, there’s no better way to bring out the flavor in food than by grilling it.

And there’s no better way to grill than surrounded by friends and family. Good food and good times.

At least that’s how it was when I was growing up.

My dad loved to grill and he took his craft seriously. Our house was the gathering place for family and neighbors who wanted to enjoy an expertly grilled meal, and now that I’m a dad myself I’ve graduated to Head Griller in the family.

Now it is my house that everyone comes for grilling.

My perfect day involves me standing at the grill with tongs in one hand and a cold beer in the other one. There’s some awesome steak and veggies slowly cooking on the grill while my wife entertains our guests and we’re surrounded by the sound of laughter as the kids run around having fun.

My dad was a traditionalist who only liked to use charcoal, but I’m more open-minded to grilling with gas. I’ve also learned to smoke meats and that is a skill that brings incredible flavor to any meal.

I love trying out new grilling techniques and BBQ gadgets, and I’ll throw just about any kind of food on the grill.

My Mission

Since taking over my dad’s role as the resident grill expert, all of my friends and family now come to me for the best advice on cooking beer can chicken or deciding which is the best smoker for beginners.

I love helping them and answering their questions, and one day my buddy said to me, “Mike, why don’t you start a website so you can help thousands of people become a better griller?”

And just like that Thrilling Grilling was born!

My goal is to build this site into a one-stop resource for all things grilling and BBQ. I’m continuously adding articles with new BBQ recipes, detailed “how to” guides, grilling tips, and unbiased reviews so you can choose the perfect grill, smoker, wifi meat thermometer, and whatever else you need to have the perfect grilling experience.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact me here.