My name is Mike and I love grilling.

The fire. The smoke. The grill marks. I love it all!

Whether it’s a thick, juicy steak or deliciously roasted vegetables, there’s no better way to bring out the flavor in food than by grilling it.

And there’s no better way to grill than surrounded by friends and family. Good food and good times.

My love of grilling and smoking is what led me to create ThrillingGrilling.com

I’ll be your guide as you journey to become a master of the grill, smoker, and flat top griddle.

That’s right, I take my outdoor cooking seriously. There’s just nothing better than preparing a delicious meal and watching your guests faces light up when they taste your meat.


Anyway, I’m not some fancy and professionally trained chef. I’ve never worked in a kitchen or restaurant and I’ve never been to any expensive barbecue camps with grilling experts teaching you their trade secrets.

Nope, I’m just a self-taught guy who learned everything he knows about cooking on his own. That means I watched a lot of Food Network and YouTube videos demonstrating different techniques, but most of my knowledge came through trial and error.

I’ve learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t. I’ve made some delicious meals that had people licking their plates clean, and I’ve also made a few that came out just awful.

And I hate seeing good food go to waste, which is why I want to share my grill skills with you.

Me and my buddies share tips and tricks with each other all the time and I want you to be one of my buddies too.

Now remember, I’m not a Michelin star chef. My recipes and advice may not always match what you see elsewhere. That’s because I’m really cooking out there and I always share what works best for me, even if it is a little unconventional.

So check out the site and let me know what you think. I always enjoy hearing from fans and you can drop me an email anytime at thrillinggrilling @ gmail.com. I read every email I get and do my best to respond to as many as possible.

Happy Grilling!