Tips For Leveling A Blackstone Griddle

Last Updated on May 5, 2023

Have you noticed that your flat top griddle isn’t quite level? We’ll show you how to level a Blackstone griddle so you can safely cook one delicious meal after another on it.

First, we’ll give you a few tips for recognizing when your griddle is uneven.

Then we’ll share some do-it-yourself methods for leveling a Blackstone griddle that are so simple anyone can do them in just a few minutes.

How To Know If Your Blackstone Isn’t Level

Sometimes you can tell your flat top is uneven just by looking at it.

Does it start rolling away if you unlock the wheels? Ok, that would be pretty extreme and hopefully it’s not the case but you can often tell a grill isn’t level with just a glance.

Of course, the truly foolproof method is to use an actual level if you have one. Just take it out of your garage or shed, place on the Blackstone, and see what it says.

If the little bubble isn’t between the two indicator lines you’ll know you have an uneven griddle.

Another way to tell is by pouring some oil or water in the center of the cooking surface. If it moves to one side and pools on the edge or in a corner, you need to do some leveling.

This is how I first noticed my Blackstone griddle wasn’t level. It was my first time making breakfast on a Blackstone and when I poured the eggs onto the griddle they rolled “downhill” and pooled on one side.

Determining How Much Leveling You Need To Do

If you don’t have a level in your house, you really should pick one up. They’re inexpensive and they come in handy for all sorts of projects such as hanging shelves or framed pictures of your family.

Simply place the level on your flat-top’s surface. Be sure it’s perfectly flat, any crumbs or other debris could throw the reading off.

Now look at the air bubble inside the level. If it’s perfectly between the target lines, your Blackstone is level. If not, lift one end or the other (of the level, not the Blackstone) until the bubble is centered inside the target lines.

Whichever side is lifted is the side of the Blackstone that needs to be raised, and how high the level is lifted lets you know how high you must raise the griddle to make it level.

Methods For Leveling A Blackstone Griddle

Ok, so your griddle is uneven. Let’s talk about some options you have for leveling your Blackstone.

The easiest option might just be relocating your griddle to a more level part of your yard. Sometimes moving it just a few feet can solve your problem.

But if it doesn’t, you’ll need to find a way to raise one side of the griddle until it is even with the other side.

Depending on what kind of surface your grill is on, you might be able to do some minor grading to level it. For example, if your Blackstone is on gravel, you can add or remove a small amount of gravel so the griddle sits level.

I’ve seen many people recommend leveling a Blackstone by placing wood shims or some old cardboard underneath the wheels. Those will work fine as a temporary solution, but they’ll fall apart after some time outside in the rain or snow.

I think you should use something a little more sturdy and long-lasting. Metal washers work well, but I needed something a little thicker to level my Blackstone so I went with these eye bolts I picked up from Home Depot on my lunch break.

Two eye bolts from Home Depot I bought to level my Blackstone

They were just the right size, won’t warp in the weather, and are sturdy enough to hold the Blackstone’s weight. Plus they were cheap! I paid less than $3 total for the two of them.

All I did was lift one end of the Blackstone and slide the bolts under the two wheels that needed to be raised. Here’s what it looks like now:

Leveling a Blackstone griddle by placing eye bolts under the wheels

Another option are sturdy plastic shims like the Gator Tail. They’re made for outdoor use and can hold up to 450 pounds with no problem.

Simply place the Blackstone’s wheels in the appropriate slot on the Gator Tail. You can adjust as needed until you find just the right placement.

A word of caution:

Leveling a Blackstone griddle isn’t difficult but you do need to be careful. The Blackstone is heavy and have a buddy give you a hand is the best way to stay safe and avoid injury.