Can You Spray Pam On A Grill?

Last Updated on March 31, 2023

Few things are more frustrating than flipping a steak or chicken breast and seeing the exterior coating ripping off the meat and getting stuck to your grill grates. Not only does it make mess, it completely ruins your masterpiece of a meal.

In this post we’re going to talk about cooking sprays like PAM and if they’re safe to use on a grill or griddle.

A badly photoshopped picture showing an outdoor grill with a can of Pam on it, and Pam Beesly from the office sittingon the counter next to the grill. Hence, "Pam on a grill"
Which Pam would you rather cook with?

Is it safe to use PAM on a grill?

You can use PAM on a grill, but there are some precautions you should take. Make sure the cooking spray has a high smoke point and never spray it towards an open flame.

Cooking sprays like PAM contain tiny amounts of propellants such as butane and propane which are highly flammable. The can itself has a label warning you that the contents are flammable and not to spray it into an open flame.

Doing so would be like spraying lighter fluid on lit charcoal, which you should NEVER do because it could cause an explosion that and serious burns.

If you’ve ever sprayed PAM on a hot grill with an open flame you’ve seen the way it flames up. The video below shows a good demonstration of that flame up caused by PAM compared to Weber grilling spray which doesn’t flame up at all.

Using a proper, non-flammable grill spray is the only 100 percent safe way to use a non-stick spray on a hot grill.

Safer Alternatives

A safer way to use PAM on a grill is to do it on a grill that doesn’t have an open flame, though that doesn’t work quite as well and it’s inconvenient. Some people suggest spraying PAM on a grill before you light it. Others say you should light the grill and let it warm up, then turn it off temporarily so you can spray it and then turn it back on.

That just sounds like a lot of work and it’s not very realistic if you’re a regular griller.

A much better method is to fold a couple paper towels and dip them in vegetable oil with a high smoke point. Then use a pair of tongs to hold the paper towels as you spread the oil evenly over the grill grates.

Here’s another way to keep your food from sticking:

Instead of applying oil to the grill grates, rub some oil directly on your meat (that’s what she said). When you place the meat on the grill the oil fills in all the imperfections in the grates, making it smoother and reducing the the chance it will stick.

Can You Use PAM On A Blackstone Griddle?

Cooking sprays like PAM are perfectly safe to use on a Blackstone griddle. Since you’re spraying onto the griddle surface and not onto an open flame, there’s no chance of a flame up or explosion.

In most situations you’d be better off using cooking oil or butter, but there are times when I prefer to use a non-stick spray.

More specifically, I like to use PAM on my Blackstone when I’m making something like pancakes or omelets.

Oil works great for peppers and onions, pierogies, or chicken cutlets on a flat top, but I really don’t like my eggs or pancakes oily, so PAM is my go-to for Blackstone breakfasts with the family.