Where Are Blackstone Grills Made?

Last Updated on May 10, 2023

Some people just don’t care where the items they purchase are made. But others feel very strongly about it. They go out of their way to shop American and are always on the lookout for the “Made in USA” sticker.

A well-used Blackstone grill with a caption that says "Made in USA??"

If that sounds like you and you’re also shopping for a flat-top griddle, you’ll naturally ask where are Blackstone grills made?

Well I’ve done the research for you, and here’s the answer:

Blackstone grills are not made in the USA. They are manufactured overseas in China and Vietnam.

Now I should tell you there are some websites that claim Blackstone products are made in the USA but that’s just not true.

How do I know?

Well first I went to their website to see if I could find the answer there. According to their About Us page, Blackstone “products are designed and engineered in the USA with the latest technology and innovation.”

But that doesn’t clearly say they are manufactured in the USA does it?

So I decided to go a little further and reach out to Blackstone to ask them myself. Here’s their response…

Screenshot of an email from Blackstone support indicating their grills are made in China and Vietnam.

Thank you for reaching out. No, they are engineered and designed in the United States but we build them in factories overseas, China, Vietnam, etc. All of our consumables are from the USA.

Blackstone Product Support

So there you have it. Direct from the source itself. Blackstone grills are manufactured overseas, but their consumable products (sauces and seasonings) are made in the USA.

Oh and here’s a picture of a label taken from an actual Blackstone griddle that clearly says “Made in China.”

Label on a 36 inch Blackstone that clearly states "Made in China"
Where are Blackstone grills made? China.

So now you know the next time someone asks “where are Blackstone grills made?” you’ll be ready with an answer.

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Does It Matter Where Blackstone Grills Are Made?

Obviously, there are many people who couldn’t care less where a product is made. They’re only interested in getting the best product at the best price.

But if you found this article I’m guessing you’re more particular in your shopping habits and it’s important for you to know if a product was made in the USA or overseas. Helping YOU and others who look for American-made products is why I wrote this article.

Buying American-made products is important for a number of reasons.

First, it helps the overall American economy and by supporting businesses who manufacturer products in the USA you’re supporting the employees who work in their factories. The dollars you spend on American-made goods are directly supporting American families.

Buying domestically made products is also good for the environment. When a product has to travel very far to reach your door, more fuel is burned and more carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere. Domestic products travel a shorter distance which reduces their carbon footprint.

Also, American manufacturers must follow domestic labor laws. Some countries don’t have any standardized laws to protect their labor force. They may have no set minimum wage or unsafe working conditions.

What Does “Made in USA” Mean?

We’ve all seen product packaging or labels with the words “Made in USA” prominently displayed. But did you know there’s an actual standard enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that defines what exactly what “Made in USA” means?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, “Made in USA” means that “all or virtually all” the product has been made in America. That is, all significant parts, processing and labor that go into the product must be of U.S. origin. Products should not contain any — or only negligible — foreign content. The product’s final assembly or processing must take place in the U.S.

About The Blackstone Company

Blackstone Products is headquartered in Logan, Utah. Since 2008, The company has specialized in outdoor griddles which allow users to cook a wider variety of foods faster and more often.

Blackstone’s robust product line features innovative and easy-to-use griddles, accessories and consumables that enhance outdoor cooking and make it more enjoyable and accessible to all for every meal.