Can You Store A Blackstone Griddle Outside?

Last Updated on July 29, 2023

You can keep your Blackstone griddle outside, but you should keep it covered when not in use so it is protected from the elements and any potential rusting or corrosion will be minimized.

My 36 inch Blackstone covered with a hard metal cover.
Isn’t she beautiful?

So you just got yourself a new Blackstone and you can’t wait to cook up some homemade smash burgers or pancakes on your new griddle.

But in the distance you can see some dark storm clouds headed your way. You immediately think to yourself, “Can you store a Blackstone griddle outside?”

The fact is Blackstone griddles are made to be used and stored outside. It’s perfectly fine to store them outside as long as you take some precautions to protect them from the elements. Keeping your Blackstone covered will protect it from moisture and help prevent rusting and corrosion.

How Can You Store A Blackstone Griddle Outside?

The best place to store a Blackstone griddle when not in use is inside a closed shelter such as a garage or shed, or at least under an awning or gazebo. The more protected it is from the elements the better.

If your Blackstone model has wheels it might be easy enough to roll it inside when you’ve finished cooking, but that’s not realistic for everyone. In this case I recommend purchasing a cover. There are a few types of covers to choose from.

Believe it or not I actually have 2 covers. I have a hard metal cover that I use for everyday use because it literally takes a second to put it on or take it off. But I also have a soft waterproof cover that I put on in nasty weather or if I know I won’t be griddling for a bit.

Here are the Blackstone covers I use myself, plus a third option that looks pretty good too.

Soft Waterproof Griddle Cover

For ultimate protection, get yourself a waterproof cover that will keep water from getting anywhere near your Blackstone’s cooking surface. I really like the cover below because it protects more than just the flat top itself. It also covers the grease trap, knobs, ignitor system, legs, and even the propane tank.

Because it’s manufactured by Blackstone you know it will fit. There are many aftermarket brands you can try but beware if it doesn’t fit properly it could snag and rip which would defeat the whole purpose of using it.

Plus it has straps that run underneath the griddle and secure with plastic clips. No matter how windy it gets outside, you can trust this cover isn’t going anywhere.

Hard Griddle Cover

Another option to use when storing your Blackstone outside is a hard cover like the one below. This cover is custom made to specifically fit the Blackstone and since it is metal you don’t even need to wait for the griddle to cool off before covering it. So if you just finished cooking and it’s starting to rain, just cover it up and head inside.

Plus you gotta admit it looks pretty cool.

Grydlmat Silicone Griddle Mat

A newer type of cover that has become quite popular, this silicone griddle mat is inexpensive and easy to use. After cooking, just wait for the griddle to cool off and then place the mat right on the surface. It promises to protect your griddle from moisture and oxygen which will lead to rusting.

I should say I haven’t tried this type of cover yet myself, so I can’t really give an informed opinion about it. But I do see a lot of people talking about how much they like it so I’ll probably give it a shot at some point. When I do I’ll come back and update this article, but in the meantime here is a Reddit thread where people share their opinions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Happen If You Store Your Blackstone Outside Unprotected?

Blackstone griddles are made of rolled steel and the cooking surface will rust if exposed to moisture like rain or humidity. Rust is the Blackstone’s enemy so you want to be sure you’re keeping it out of the elements. If you have rust on your griddle you’ll need to scrap it off and re-season it.

Can a Blackstone be left in the rain?

You can leave your Blackstone griddle outside in the rain or snow, but you should keep it covered when not in use to prevent rust and corrosion.

Can you use a Blackstone outside in the winter?

As long as your body can stand the cold temperature, you can use a Blackstone griddle outside in the winter. I wouldn’t do it in a blizzard, but I’ve used my Blackstone while it was lightly snowing outside and it’s actually kind of fun.

Can you use a Blackstone in a garage?

Blackstone griddles are meant to be used outside, and they should never be used in a garage due because of the threat of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Some people disregard the danger and cook on a Blackstone in their garage with the door open, but for safety reasons we do NOT recommend it.