Frozen Pizza On A Blackstone Griddle (Crazy Or Brilliant?)

Wondering if it’s possible to cook frozen pizza on a Blackstone griddle? We gave it a try, here’s what happened:

Frozen pizza on a Blackstone griddle

I love cooking outside on my flat top, so when my son asked me to try to cooking frozen pizza on the Blackstone griddle I couldn’t resist.

Now, I will say I was pretty skeptical and didn’t have high hopes but I figured, “Why not?”

So we tried two tests to see how frozen pizza would come out when cooked outdoors on a flat top griddle.

For the first test we used a DiGiorno Hand-Tossed Style Supreme pizza. For the second test we used a store brand thin crust Margherita pizza.

You can read the full results with pictures below, but the short version is this:

Can You Cook A Frozen Pizza On A Blackstone Griddle?

Yes, but the results are underwhelming. Even when covering the pizza with a cooking dome, it’s hard to get the cheese and toppings to cook properly. The final result is a mediocre pizza that will excite no one.

So while yes, you can cook frozen pizza on a Blackstone, it’s really not the best option and I wouldn’t recommend it. Just stick with the oven and you’ll be much happier with the end result.

Experiment One – DiGiorno Supreme Frozen Pizza

Frozen Digiorno Supreme pizza cooking on a Blackstone griddle

This was the first time I ever tried cooking a frozen pizza on my Blackstone and I learned a lot from the experience.

We preheat the griddle to medium-low heat because we didn’t want the crust to burn before the rest was cooked through. Remember, you can’t flip a pizza like you would a burger and that presents a challenge.

With all the heat coming from the bottom it’s difficult to get an evenly cooked pizza.

As you can see in the picture above we placed the pizza right on the griddle when it was still pretty frozen. This was a mistake. I think it would have come out better if we defrosted it first, but I was hungry and impatient.

We covered with a cooking dome to trap as much heat as possible but we also had to keep checking the bottom to make sure it didn’t burn. After about twenty minutes, this was the result…

Digiorno supreme frozen pizza after it was cooked on a griddle

It doesn’t look awful, but it just wasn’t very good. The bottom crust that was in contact with the griddle surface cooked nicely but everything else was kind of blah.

The texture was all wrong. The crust was kind of gummy and chewy. The pepperoni was soggy. The veggies were not quite done, and the cheese was mostly melted but I prefer it a little more gooey.

You’re probably thinking, “You took it off too soon, you should have let it go a little longer.”

The problem with that is that the crust was starting to get overcooked and if I left it on much longer it would have burned. And for the last five minutes of the cook there was really no change in the pizza toppings at all, so I really didn’t think it was going to get any better if I let it continue cooking.

Overall, it was edible but not at all enjoyable. I’d give it 1 out of 5 stars and I wouldn’t try it again unless there was a pizza emergency.

Experiment Two – Thin Crust Margherita Frozen Pizza

Box of Stop and Shop frozen Margherita pizza

Our first attempt at cooking frozen pizza on a Blackstone was a failure, but we did learn a few things and made some changes for our second test.

First, we went with a thin crust pizza. Since the thicker crust pizza came out soft and gummy we thought we’d get a crunchier texture with thin crust (and we did).

We also went with a simpler topping that would cook faster and we let it defrost for about fifteen minutes before cooking.

We preheat the flat top to medium-low same as before and placed the pizza on the cooking surface with a cooking dome to trap as much heat as possible.

Because it had a thin crust we had to keep a very close eye on the bottom to prevent burning.

This crust pizza on blackstone with spatula holding it up to show the bottom being cooked.
Nicely browned and crunchy!

After about 15 to 20 minutes the pizza was done. The texture was much better than our first experiment and we had a nice crunch when we bit into it.

The finished result of a thin crust frozen pizza cooked outside on the Blackstone in my backyard

But again, the mozzarella cheese was not melty and gooey, and the tomatoes were still a little undercooked.

Overall it was an improvement over the traditional crust supreme pizza from our first experiment, but still not great. I’d give it 2 1/2 stars out of 5. Stick to the oven or even toss it on the grill instead of the griddle.

And keep in mind these ratings are based on frozen pizza only. A store bought frozen pizza is always going to be inferior to a good homemade pizza.

Making homemade pizza on the grill is actually pretty simple. It’s also healthier than store bought frozen pizzas and costs less too.


We tried two experiments that proved it is possible to cook a frozen pizza on a Blackstone griddle, but is it the best pizza ever?


The final results of our pizza experiments were underwhelming and the pizza just didn’t come out very well. You’d be better off tossing frozen pizza in the oven or on the grill or even better…make your own homemade pizza with fresh dough, sauce, and cheese.