7 Best Buns For Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Last Updated on August 3, 2023

If you’re smoking up some pork butt for a backyard BBQ, you’ll want to consult this list of the best buns for pulled pork sandwiches.

A pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and barbecue sauce on a brioche roll, easily my vote for the best buns for pulled pork sandwiches.
Need a napkin to wipe your drool?

Pulled pork is a barbecue staple. It’s both inexpensive and easy to make, which makes it a great option when feeding a crowd. (Check out our article on calculating how much pulled pork per person you’ll need).

But the pork itself is only part of building the perfect sandwich. You also need to choose the right bread to complement that juicy meat. Here are our top choices when it comes to picking the best buns for pulled pork sandwiches.

1. Brioche Buns

Brioche buns have a rich and buttery taste with a touch of sweetness. They’re soft and fluffy and have a golden brown exterior that’s a bit shiny thanks to the egg wash applied before baking.

Brioche bread is versatile and and used for everything from burgers to French toast. But they are absolutely perfect for pulled pork sandwiches. The sugar added to the dough provides a subtle sweetness that pair complements the savory flavor of the pork.

Brioche buns get my vote for the best buns for pulled pork sandwiches. If you can’t find them in stores near you, check out this recipe on how to make them at home yourself.

2. Potato Buns

Potato buns are really underrated. They’re my favorite bun for Smash Burgers and they’re awesome for pulled pork too.

Potato buns are a bit more dense than cheap hamburger rolls and usually cost a little more, but to me they’re worth it. They hold their shape and won’t fall apart no matter how much meat you pack inside it. They’re way more sturdy than cheap buns that crumble and fall apart.

And potato buns have a distinct flavor which comes from one of it’s key ingredients: potatoes!

Yep, potato rolls are actually made with potato flour or mashed potatoes. And you though it was just a name. 🙂

3. Kaiser Rolls

Kaiser rolls are often used with cold cuts or breakfast sandwiches like the ultimate pork roll, egg, and cheese. They’re also a great option for pulled pork sandwiches.

Kaiser rolls have a crusty exterior and are sometimes topped with poppy seeds or sesame seeds. When you cut through the crunchy exterior you find a light and fluffy interior with a mild taste that goes with just about anything you want to put inside.

What I really like about Kaiser rolls is that they’re usually bigger than a standard hamburger bun. All that extra real estate means you can stack a ton of pork, barbecue sauce, and coleslaw for those with a big appetite.

Kaiser rolls with poppy seeds
Kaiser rolls with poppy seeds

4. King’s Hawaiian Sweet Buns

If you’ve never tried King Hawaiian’s Sweet Buns you really need to give them a shot. They’re buttery and sweet and perfectly soft and fluffy. They come in regular bun size but I kind of like the slider size better, especially for parties.

Sliders are obviously a bit smaller and a good portion size for kids and guests with a light appetite. And if you have a bunch of ravenous teenagers to feed they can always make multiple sandwiches for themselves.

5. Tortillas

I don’t see many people recommending tortillas for pulled pork, but I love them! If you only have smaller tortillas you can make little pulled pork tacos with them. Or use a large-sized tortilla to make yourself a wrap. Just stuff the tortilla with pork, barbecue sauce, and cheese and wrap it up. Yum!

Tacos and wraps are some of my favorite ways to use leftover pulled pork.

6. Texas Toast

Texas toast is a thickly-sliced bread that’s usually buttered generously on both sides and then either toasted or grilled. It has a crispy and buttery crust with an

The butter gives it a richness of flavor and the exterior gets crispy while the inside stays soft and warm.

Texas toast is very popular in barbecue cuisine and it’s perfect for pulled pork. The thick slices hold up well even when doused with barbecue sauce so you don’t have to worry about your sandwich falling apart.

7. Ciabatta

Ciabatta rolls are a type of Italian bread that’s flat and has a kind of rectangular but also somewhat irregular shape which gives them a rustic appearance. They have a thick and crispy crust with an inside that’s light and airy.

The bakery department in our local grocery store makes some amazing ciabatta and you can also find them in most Costco stores.

A ciabatta roll sitting on a gray napkin
Try Ciabatta? You Gotta!

Other Options

When it comes to choosing the best buns for pulled pork sandwiches, I’ve given you my opinions above. But here are some other options I’ve heard some people like as well…

  • Cheap hamburger buns
  • Sourdough bread
  • English muffins
  • Croissants
  • Cinnamon Rolls sliced in half horizontally (sounds pretty weird to me, but some people like it)
  • White bread
  • Naan bread
  • Rye bread

What kind of buns do your taste buds prefer?